Mishka Henner



About Mishka Henner

NameMishka Henner ()
MovementAppropriation Art, Post Internet
MediaPhotography, Works on Paper, New Media Art, Conceptual photography, Fine art photography, Printmaking, Net art, Video, Installation Art, Sound Art, Documentary photography, Artist_s book

Mishka Henner's Biography

Mishka Henner is a British artist primarily known for his photographic works. He was born in 1976 and is considered to be a part of the Ultra-Contemporary art movement. He is known for his works in Post Internet, Appropriation Art, Photography, Works on Paper, Video, Activist Art, Artist's book, Conceptual photography, Documentary photography, Fine art photography, Goldsmith, Found object, Installation Art, Mixed Media, New Media Art, Net Art, Printmaking and Sound Art. He has held numerous exhibitions worldwide, most recently exhibiting in the Civilization. The Way we live now exhibition in 2022 at Musei San Domenico in Forli, Italy.
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