Maurizio Nannucci



About Maurizio Nannucci

NameMaurizio Nannucci (Mauricio Nannucci)
Birth LocationFirenze, FI (IT)
MediaPhotography, Time-Based Media, Installation Art

Maurizio Nannucci's Biography

Maurizio Nannucci is an Italian artist born in 1939 in Florence, Italy. He is best known for his work in photography, time-based media, and installation art. Nannucci studied painting, sculpture, and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence before he was awarded a scholarship to study in Paris in 1966. After his studies, he worked as a freelance photographer and eventually became a founding member of the Artists’ Group “Arte Povera,” which he joined in 1967. In the 1970s, Nannucci began experimenting with neon signs, which he used to create light installations. He has since become known for his light installations, as well as his works in photography, video, and sound. In recent years, Nannucci has also become increasingly interested in public art, and he has created many public art projects in cities around the world. He currently lives and works in Florence, Italy.
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