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About Martin Kippenberger

NameMartin Kippenberger ()
Birth LocationDortmund (DE)
Death LocationWien (AT)
MovementJunge Wilde/Neue Wilde
MediaPainting, Sculpture, Installation Art

Martin Kippenberger's Biography

Martin Kippenberger was a German artist who was born in 1953 in Vienna, Austria. He was part of the Junge Wilde/Neue Wilde movement and is primarily known for his painting, sculpture and installation art. Kippenberger's work often incorporated irony and humor, as well as critiques of modern society and social norms. He was highly prolific, producing over 700 works of art during his lifetime. Kippenberger had numerous successful solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe. He was also included in major shows such as the Grafik - Malerei - Skulptur exhibition in Graz, Austria, Ridiculously Yours! Art, Awkwardness and Enthusiasm at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Germany and Museum Ludwig, Cologne - History of a Collection with Civic Commitments at the National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto (MOMAK) in Kyoto, Japan. Kippenberger died in 1997 in Vienna, Austria. His legacy continues to influence contemporary art and is celebrated in numerous permanent collections around the world.

Martin Kippenberger's Art

"U.N. Building-The Home of Peace"

"U.N. Building-The Home of Peace"(1984)

Martin Kippenberger's "U.N. Building-The Home of Peace" (1984) is a witty and poignant exploration of the idea of peace. The work features a full scale replica of the United Nations building in New York, decontextualized and displayed in a gallery space. Through this work, Kippenberger comments on the ineffectiveness of the U.N. in a humorous yet serious manner, as the building is reduced to a mere art object. The work is a powerful reminder of the fragility of peace and the obstacles that must be faced in order to achieve it.
"Kellner Des...(Waiter Of...)"

"Kellner Des...(Waiter Of...)"(1991)

Martin Kippenberger's "Kellner Des..." (Waiter Of...) is an installation artwork created in 1991. It is a large-scale sculpture constructed from various materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. The sculpture is composed of a number of figures arranged in a chaotic but aesthetically pleasing arrangement. The figures are dressed in various uniforms, ranging from a waiter to a clown, and hold trays of drinks. The installation is both humorous and critical of modern society, as it suggests that our roles in society can both define and confine us. The artwork is a testament to Kippenberger's prolific and innovative career and remains an iconic work of 20th century art.
"I Am Too Political"

"I Am Too Political"(1995)

Martin Kippenberger's "I Am Too Political" (1995) is a powerful and humorous critique of modern society and social norms. The artwork consists of a painted wooden panel featuring a portrait of Kippenberger himself wearing a suit and tie and holding a sign that reads “I am too political”. The painting is both witty and thought-provoking, exploring the idea of the artist's own subjectivity, and the expectations that come with it. The work is a reminder of Kippenberger's commitment to critiquing the status quo and his willingness to challenge conventions. In its simplicity, the work is a powerful statement about the artist's own politics and his dedication to his art.


Martin Kippenberger's "Yourself" (1990) is a powerful statement on modern society and social norms. The artwork is composed of a large steel sculpture that is placed in the center of the room, surrounded by mirrors on all sides. The sculpture is in the shape of a human body, with the arms and legs held up in a gesture of defiance. The mirrors create an optical illusion that allows viewers to see themselves in the sculpture, making them an integral part of the artwork. Through this creative composition, Kippenberger encourages viewers to confront their own identity and examine their place in the world. This powerful and thought-provoking artwork is a lasting testament to Kippenberger's unique and influential artistic vision.
"Paris Bar Berlin"

"Paris Bar Berlin"(1993)

Martin Kippenberger's "Paris Bar Berlin" (1993) is a vibrant and humorous installation that critiques modern society and social norms. The artwork consists of a large wall painting that looks like a Parisian cafe and a smashed bar, modeled after the legendary Berlin nightclub, the Paris Bar. Kippenberger uses irony to critique the modern consumer culture, as the cafe is depicted in a state of disarray. The painting and installation are both brightly colored and chaotic, representing the chaotic nature of modern life. Kippenberger's work is a powerful reminder of the importance of self-reflection and critical thought in the face of a rapidly changing world.
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