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About Markus Lüpertz

NameMarkus Lüpertz (Markus Lupertz, Markus Luepertz)
Birth LocationLiberec (DE/*CZ)
MovementNeo Expressionism
MediaPainting, Works on Paper, Sculpture

Markus Lüpertz's Biography

Markus Lüpertz is a German painter, sculptor, graphic artist and poet. He was born on 24 April 1941 in Bleckede, Germany. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf. His work breaks away from the abstract expressionism of the 1960s and 1970s and is associated with the Neo Expressionist movement. He is known for his large-scale paintings of mythological and classical figures and landscapes. His sculptures, which often feature classical Greek motifs, are made of bronze, marble and wood. He has also created works on paper, including lithographs and etchings. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.

Markus Lüpertz's Art

La Boheme costume 6

La Boheme costume 6(2021)

La Boheme costume 6 (2021) is a striking artwork by German artist Markus Lüpertz. It is a large-scale painting depicting a mythological figure wearing a costume. The figure is painted with a bold and vivid palette of colors, giving the painting a powerful, dynamic presence. The costume is composed of intricate details and is reminiscent of classical Greek motifs. The background of the painting is a deep blue, which serves to enhance the figure and the costume. The artwork conveys the artist's signature style, featuring an expressionist approach to painting and a unique interpretation of mythological and classical figures.
La Boheme costume 5

La Boheme costume 5(2021)

La Boheme Costume 5 (2021) is a stunning artwork by German painter, sculptor and poet, Markus Lüpertz. The painting is a large-scale piece, depicting a classical figure and landscape. The vibrant colors and strong brushstrokes used to create the painting are a testament to Lüpertz's Neo Expressionist style. The piece is a beautiful representation of the artist's knack for combining classical motifs with a modern flair. The sculpture is made of bronze, marble and wood and features intricate details that draw the viewer in. La Boheme Costume 5 (2021) is a gorgeous example of Lüpertz's talent and is sure to captivate viewers for years to come.
La Boheme costume 4

La Boheme costume 4(2021)

La Boheme costume 4 (2021) by Markus Lüpertz is an expressive painting that features a classical and mythological figure, rendered in a bold and vibrant color palette. The figure is depicted in a costume with a flowing, curved line and bright colors. The painting captures the raw power and emotion of the figure as it emerges from the canvas. The brushstrokes are energetic and dynamic, adding to the overall energy of the painting. The painting expresses a sense of grandiosity and heroic strength, and is a testament to Lüpertz' skill as a painter.
La Boheme costume 3

La Boheme costume 3(2021)

Markus Lüpertz's La Boheme costume 3 (2021) is a vivid and captivating artwork. The painting features a female figure in a classical ballet costume, with bright colors and intricate details. The figure is surrounded by a vibrant landscape that evokes the feeling of a theatrical performance. The painting is full of movement, with the figure elegantly posed in a graceful dance. The vibrant colors, along with the classical motifs, create a unique and powerful visual experience. Lüpertz's artwork is a powerful expression of the human need for beauty and creativity.
La Boheme 1

La Boheme 1(2021)

Markus Lüpertz's La Boheme 1 (2021) is a captivating work of art that blends classic motifs with modern expressionism. The painting features a female figure, whose body is composed of curving forms and vibrant colors. The figure is surrounded by a landscape of rolling hills and lush vegetation, evoking a sense of ancient mythology. The woman is portrayed in a dreamlike state, with a mysterious, almost ethereal aura. Lüpertz's work is a masterful blend of classical and contemporary art, creating a unique and mesmerizing image that captures the imagination.
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