Margret Eicher



About Margret Eicher

NameMargret Eicher (Magaret Eicher)
Birth LocationViersen, Niederrhein, NW (DE)
MovementAppropriation Art
MediaCollage, Digital Art

Margret Eicher's Biography

Margret Eicher is a contemporary German artist who was born in 1955. She is best known for her Appropriation and Digital Art. Her works often feature collage elements, and she has been exhibiting her art since the late 2000s. Eicher has exhibited her work in several galleries, including the CSR - Contemporary Show Room in Berlin, Germany and Galerie Horst Dietrich in Berlin, Germany. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards, including the 200 unter 2000 Award in 2022 and the 40 Jahre – Galerie Horst Dietrich Award in 2022. Eicher's work often explores the way in which digital images and technology are used to construct our perception of reality. She is interested in how images can be manipulated and how our understanding of the world is shaped by the digital medium. Her works often feature elements of appropriation, as she seeks to create a unique visual language and explore the power of digital images.
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