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About Manfred Pernice

NameManfred Pernice ()
Birth LocationHildesheim, NI (DE)
MediaSculpture, Objects

Manfred Pernice's Biography

Manfred Pernice is a German sculptor and object artist, born in 1963. He is known for his large-scale installations, often created from everyday objects. His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and galleries, including the Perspectives of a Collection Taking Stock and Looking Ahead in Herford, Germany, and Under Construction in Berlin, Germany. He has been the recipient of several awards, including the 2012 Kulturpreis Berlin, and his work can be found in the collections of the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf.

Manfred Pernice's Art

Cassette 24

Cassette 24(2014)

Manfred Pernice's Cassette 24 (2014) is a striking sculptural installation that uses everyday objects to create an alluring visual experience. Constructed from 24 cassette tapes, the piece is arranged into an intricate geometric pattern, with the tapes overlapping and intertwining in an eye-catching way. The result is an artwork that is both visually stimulating and thought-provoking. Pernice's use of materials and composition speak to the themes of process, repetition, and memory, making Cassette 24 an important work in the artist's oeuvre.
O. T.

O. T.(2014)

Manfred Pernice's O. T. (2014) is an installation of everyday objects arranged to create a striking visual composition. The installation consists of various items, such as plastic buckets, wooden crates, and cardboard boxes, all stacked and arranged in a seemingly random yet organized manner. The entire piece is painted white, giving it an unassuming yet intriguing appearance. The installation is meant to be a commentary on the way in which objects are reused and recycled in everyday life, creating a subtle yet powerful statement.
Gruppe 2

Gruppe 2(2014)

Manfred Pernice's 2014 artwork, Gruppe 2, is a large-scale installation that utilizes everyday objects to create a unique visual landscape. The piece features a range of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic, and is arranged in an organized, geometric pattern. The arrangement of the materials creates an illusion of depth and perspective, reflecting Pernice's interest in the relationship between space and form. Gruppe 2 is a striking example of Pernice's creative use of everyday objects to create a mesmerizing work of art.


Manfred Pernice’s artwork untitled (Array) is a large-scale installation made from everyday objects. The array is composed of various objects such as furniture, books, and other items, arranged in an abstract and seemingly chaotic manner. The arrangement of the objects creates an intriguing visual composition, with the objects interacting in unexpected ways. The artwork invites the viewer to explore the relationship between the objects, and to make their own interpretations of this fascinating installation.
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