Lisa Oppenheim



About Lisa Oppenheim

NameLisa Oppenheim ()
Birth LocationNew York City, NY (US)
MediaPhotography, Film

Lisa Oppenheim's Biography

Lisa Oppenheim is an American artist who works with photography, film and light. She was born in 1975 and is based in New York. Oppenheim is known for her experimental practice in which she uses photography and film to explore the connections between the present and the past. Her work often employs the repetition of images to create a layered narrative, and she often works with found photographs and objects. Oppenheim has exhibited her work at numerous exhibitions and festivals worldwide, including the Venice Biennale, The New Museum, and The Guggenheim. She has also published several books, including 'Light Years: A History of Photography in Motion'. Oppenheim's work often explores the idea of memory and traces of the past.
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