Laurent Le Deunff



About Laurent Le Deunff

NameLaurent Le Deunff (Laurent le Deunff, Laurent Ledeunff)
Birth LocationTalence (FR)
MediaDrawings, Sculpture

Laurent Le Deunff's Biography

Laurent Le Deunff is a French-born artist and sculptor who has been creating art since 1977. He is known for his drawings and sculptures, which often focus on the surreal and imaginative. His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions, including Best in Show in 2022 at Hyperbien in Montreuil, France, and Laurent Le Deunff: Fantômalisa in 2022 at Le Cellier - espace culturel in Reims, France. His works often explore the boundaries of reality and the unknown, creating a unique and captivating visual experience.
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