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About Kiki Smith

NameKiki Smith ()
Birth LocationNürnberg (US/*DE)
MediaWorks on Paper, Printmaking, Sculpture, Jewellery Design

Kiki Smith's Biography

Kiki Smith is an American artist whose work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Smith is best known for her works on paper, printmaking, sculpture, and jewelry design. Her works often explore themes of mortality, loss, and the human condition. Smith has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Art. She has exhibited her works at prestigious institutions around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Smith's work is held in numerous public and private collections, including the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Kiki Smith's Art

Moment B

Moment B(2006)

Moment B (2006) by Kiki Smith is an impressive artwork that speaks to the human condition and mortality. Through her signature combination of sculpture, printmaking, and jewelry design, Smith creates an ethereal piece that captures the fleeting nature of life. The artwork features a figure that appears to be suspended in the air, with a ghostly, almost spectral quality to it. The use of delicate lines, soft colors, and ambiguous shapes lends a dreamlike quality to the piece, while the underlying themes of mortality and loss make it a powerful and thought-provoking artwork. Moment B is a perfect example of Smith's ability to create works of art that are both visually arresting and emotionally resonant.
Ich Bin Hungrig

Ich Bin Hungrig(1999)

Kiki Smith's Ich Bin Hungrig (1999) is a powerful artwork that explores themes of mortality and loss. The sculpture consists of a human figure with a hollow body and a translucent, veined surface. The figure is suspended in a state of tension, its arms and legs outstretched as if in search of something. The artwork conveys a sense of longing and emptiness, while at the same time suggesting the fragility of life. Smith's use of materials and her skillful manipulation of light create an atmosphere of haunting beauty and poignancy. This artwork invites viewers to contemplate their own mortality and the human condition.


Kiki Smith's artwork, Companion (2000), is a sculptural work that confronts mortality and the human condition. The sculpture features a figure composed of bronze, glass and steel, with a human-like face but with a bird-like body. The figure appears to be hovering in the air, and its looming presence alludes to the idea of death and its inevitability, while also reflecting on the importance of companionship in life. The combination of materials in the sculpture, the inclusion of both organic and industrial materials, speaks to Smith's interest in exploring the tension between the natural and the artificial. Companion is a powerful and moving work that speaks to the fragility of life and our mortality.
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