Joseph Kosuth



About Joseph Kosuth

NameJoseph Kosuth (Josef Kosuth, Joseph Kossuth)
Birth LocationToledo, OH (US)
MovementConceptual Art

Joseph Kosuth's Biography

Joseph Kosuth is an American artist best known for his conceptual artworks. Born in 1945 in Ohio, he was raised in a foster home and experienced a difficult childhood. His work is often associated with the post-war period and the Conceptual Art movement. Kosuth is well known for his use of everyday objects in his works, often incorporating them into installations, photographs and sculptures. He has exhibited his works in numerous galleries and museums around the world, including the Beijing Biennial (2022), L’appartement 22 (2002-2022), Le Silo 6 : oeuvres de la collection Françoise et Jean-Philippe Billarant (2022), and Avantgarde und Gegenwart (2021). Kosuth is often credited with introducing the idea of language into the realm of art, and his works are highly regarded in the art world. He has been awarded several prestigious awards, including the International Association of Art Critics’ Award of Merit and the American Institute of Arts and Letters Award.
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