José Maria Sicilia



About José Maria Sicilia

NameJosé Maria Sicilia (José Mª Sicilia)
Birth LocationMadrid (ES)
MediaPainting, Works on Paper

José Maria Sicilia's Biography

José Mª Sicilia was born in 1954 in Spain and is a contemporary Spanish painter and works on paper artist. His work focuses on abstract compositions, geometric shapes and color contrasts, creating an atmosphere of harmony and balance. He has exhibited in numerous galleries in Spain and abroad and his work is included in several public and private collections.

José Maria Sicilia's Art

no title

no title(2009)

José Mª Sicilia's artwork titled 'No Title' (2009) is a captivating abstract composition characterized by its geometric shapes and contrasting colors. The piece is expertly balanced with a palette of warm and cool hues, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. The composition is based on Sicilia's signature technique of layering contrasting shapes, giving the artwork its unique aesthetic. This artwork is an excellent example of Sicilia's mastery of abstract painting and is sure to captivate viewers.
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