John M Armleder



About John M Armleder

NameJohn M Armleder (John Michael Armleder, John M. Armleder, John Armleder)
Birth LocationGenève, GE (CH)
MovementFluxus, Conceptual Art
MediaPainting, Sculpture, Objects, Installation Art, Performance/Happening

John M Armleder's Biography

John M. Armleder (born 1948) is a Swiss contemporary artist associated with the Fluxus and Conceptual art movements. He is best known for his paintings, sculptures, objects, installation art, and performance/happening works. Armleder's works often explore the relationship between art and the everyday, challenging traditional ideas about art and the artist's role. He has experimented with various media, including painting, sculpture, objects, installation art, and performance art. His works often employ a variety of materials and techniques, and often feature references to popular culture, such as pop music, comic books, and television. Armleder has had numerous solo exhibitions, including Eclettica! at the Museo Ettore Fico in Turin, Italy and Filiations 2 & la Donation Albers-Honegger at the Espace de l’art concret in Mouans Sartoux, France. He has also been included in numerous group exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale, Documenta, and the Whitney Biennial.
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