Jean-Michel Albèrola



About Jean-Michel Albèrola

NameJean-Michel Albèrola (Jean-Michel Albérola)
Birth LocationSaïda (DZ)
MediaPainting, Works on Paper

Jean-Michel Albèrola's Biography

Jean-Michel Albèrola was born in 1953 in France. He is a contemporary French artist known for his abstract paintings and works on paper. Having started painting in 1978, he has since had numerous solo exhibitions throughout France and the rest of Europe. He has also participated in international art fairs such as the Salon de Mai in Paris and the Biennale de Monte Carlo. He works predominantly in acrylic, gouache and oil on canvas, as well as pencil and ink on paper. His works are characterized by bright colors and bold lines, often featuring shapes, symbols and words which reflect his thoughts and feelings on the world around him. His art often has a spiritual or meditative quality, and his paintings often contain references to various religious and spiritual beliefs. He has been associated with the Neo-Expressionism movement, and his works have been displayed in various galleries and museums in France and abroad.
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