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About Javier Vallhonrat

NameJavier Vallhonrat ()
Birth LocationMadrid, M (ES)

Javier Vallhonrat's Biography

Javier Vallhonrat is an acclaimed Spanish photographer born in 1953. He has been a full-time professional photographer since 1980. He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums both domestically and internationally. He has also published several books and collaborated with magazines, art galleries, newspapers and institutions. His work focuses on urban life, exploring the interaction between people, places and architecture. He has also explored the relationship between people and technology, and the effects of globalization on everyday life. His work has been recognized for its unique perspective and its ability to capture the beauty and complexity of the human experience.

Javier Vallhonrat's Art

"ETH 2 (Betonbrücke)"

"ETH 2 (Betonbrücke)"(20002002)

Javier Vallhonrat's "ETH 2 (Betonbrücke)" (2000-2002) captures the complex relationship between people, places and technology. The artwork features an expansive, industrial-like concrete bridge, which seemingly spans an unknown distance. At one end of the bridge, the viewer can make out a solitary figure, dwarfed by the enormity of the structure. The image captures the feeling of being alone in a modern, technological world, as well as the tension between nature and the man-made. Through this work, Vallhonrat poetically examines the effects of globalization on everyday life.
"ETH 15 (Via Mala)"

"ETH 15 (Via Mala)"(20002002)

Javier Vallhonrat's artwork "ETH 15 (Via Mala)" is a stunning photographic series taken between 2000-2002. The series captures the beauty and complexity of urban life in an extraordinary way, exploring the relationship between people, places and architecture. The photos depict the unique way technology and globalization have influenced everyday life, from the mundane to the spectacular. The images are hauntingly beautiful, showing the power of the human experience in a new light. The pictures are full of energy and emotion, making them a powerful and meaningful work of art.
"Acaso 50"

"Acaso 50"(2000)

Javier Vallhonrat's artwork "Acaso 50" is a striking and powerful series of photographs that explore the relationship between people, places, and architecture. Taken in 2000, the images capture the complexities of urban life with a unique perspective. Through the lens of his camera, Vallhonrat captures the beauty and fragility of our lives, while simultaneously exploring the effects of globalization, technology, and other forces on our daily lives. The photos are both timeless and timely, and they remain powerful and relevant today.
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