Jürgen Paas



About Jürgen Paas

NameJürgen Paas (Juergen Paas)
Birth LocationKrefeld (DE)
MediaPainting, Sculpture, Objects, Installation Art

Jürgen Paas's Biography

Jürgen Paas is a German artist born in 1958. He is best known for his paintings, sculptures, objects, and installation art. He has had numerous exhibitions throughout Germany and Europe, including the Bescherungsauflagen 2022 Domestic Space. Christmas Edition II at the Neue Galerie Landshut in 2022 and Blickfelder at the Museum Schloss Moyland in 2022. His works have been described as minimalist, abstract, and highly symbolic, often using everyday objects as his subjects. His works are meant to explore the relationship between material and form, as well as to question the idea of identity.
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