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About Jürgen Klauke

NameJürgen Klauke (Juergen Klauke, Jurgen Klauke)
Birth LocationKliding bei Cochem, Mosel (DE)
MediaPhotography, Performance/Happening

Jürgen Klauke's Biography

Jürgen Klauke is a German photographer and performance artist born in 1943. He is best known for his exploration of the boundaries between art and life. His works range from photo series to happenings and performances, in which he often uses himself as the main subject. His work is often characterized by a sense of humor and irony, as well as an interest in exploring questions of identity, gender, and representation. He has exhibited his work widely throughout Europe and has been included in major exhibitions including Documenta and Skulptur Projekte Münster. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Jürgen Klauke's Art

„Desasteriöses Ich“

„Desasteriöses Ich“(Array)

Jürgen Klauke's artwork „Desasteriöses Ich“ is a captivating exploration of identity and representation. In his series of photographs, Klauke uses himself as the main subject, as he is often seen in his works. He poses in a variety of costumes and poses, challenging traditional notions of identity and gender. With a sense of humor and irony, Klauke's work is thought provoking and visually engaging. „Desasteriöses Ich“ is part of Klauke's larger body of work which has been exhibited widely throughout Europe, making him one of the most prominent artists of his time. His work is a must-see for anyone interested in exploring questions of identity and representation.


Jürgen Klauke's Bewusstseinserweiterung from 2001 is a photographic series that captures the artist's exploration of the boundaries between art and life through a series of performative works. The works feature Klauke himself as the main subject, often in a humorous and ironic manner, and explore questions of identity, gender, and representation. The series is characterized by a sense of playfulness, with Klauke often incorporating props and costumes in the works that blur the lines between art and life. The works are a testament to Klauke's ability to capture the interplay between the two, while also offering a unique exploration of self-expression.
Desaströses Ich

Desaströses Ich(1972)

Desaströses Ich (1972) by Jürgen Klauke is a powerful performance piece that explores the boundaries between art and life. In the piece, Klauke portrays himself in a series of photographs, his body covered in white paint and his face obscured by a mask. He is surrounded by a chaotic array of objects and symbols, including a crucifix, a skull, and a cactus, creating a surreal and unsettling atmosphere. The title of the piece, which translates to “catastrophic self”, alludes to the sense of confusion, fear, and disorientation that Klauke is trying to evoke. Through his use of the mask and the chaotic setting, Klauke is asking the viewer to consider their own identity, and question the nature of self-representation. Desaströses Ich is an evocative and thought-provoking artwork, which is sure to leave a lasting impression.
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