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About Heinz Mack

NameHeinz Mack ()
Birth LocationLollar, Hessen (DE)
MovementOp-Art, Zero, Gruppe 53
MediaPainting, Sculpture, Light Installation

Heinz Mack's Biography

Heinz Mack was born in 1931 in Lollar, Germany. He is a German artist and one of the founders of the avant-garde group Zero. He is best known for his work in Op-Art, light installation and sculpture. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1952 to 1957, and in 1957 he co-founded the avant-garde group Gruppe 53, which aimed to bring together artists from all over the world. In 1961 he joined the Zero movement, which was the most important international avant-garde movement of the time. In the early 1960s, Mack's work was mainly focused on optical art, which attempts to create illusions of movement and color using geometric shapes. In 1963 he created his first light installation, which soon became a signature work. He has also experimented with kinetic art, sculpture, painting, photography and video. He has exhibited his work in numerous international exhibitions and galleries, and has also been the subject of several books and catalogues.

Heinz Mack's Art

Untitled (Chromatic Constellation)

Untitled (Chromatic Constellation)(2021)

Heinz Mack's Untitled (Chromatic Constellation) (2021) is a vibrant and dynamic work of art. The piece comprises of multiple colored circles that appear to be in motion, creating an optical illusion. The circles are arranged in geometric patterns and are illuminated by light, giving the work a mesmerizing and captivating effect. By combining geometric shapes with light, Mack has created a dynamic and captivating artwork that stimulates the viewer’s senses and invites them to explore the ever-changing perception of color and light.
Ohne Titel

Ohne Titel(2012)

Heinz Mack's Ohne Titel (2012) is a captivating light installation that explores the effects of color and movement. Combining geometric shapes with a play of light, Mack creates an optical illusion that draws the viewer in. The piece utilizes both translucent and reflective surfaces to create a mesmerizing, ever-changing effect. The piece is a masterful example of Mack's exploration of kinetic art, and is emblematic of the avant-garde Zero movement he was a part of. Ohne Titel is a testament to the power of abstract art and is a truly remarkable feat of modern art.
Ohne Titel  (Dynamische Struktur)

Ohne Titel (Dynamische Struktur)(1968)

Heinz Mack's artwork Ohne Titel (Dynamische Struktur) (1968) is an example of his signature kinetic art. The artwork features a dynamic structure made up of several geometric shapes, including circles and squares, that are in constant motion. The shapes are illuminated by a light installation, creating an eye-catching and mesmerizing effect. The structure is meant to represent the dynamic nature of life, and the ever-changing environment we live in. The artwork is an example of Mack's unique style, and a testament to his creative genius.
Ohne Titel  (Lichtfügel)

Ohne Titel (Lichtfügel)(1970)

Heinz Mack's artwork Ohne Titel (Lichtfügel) (1970) is an iconic example of his Op-Art and light installation practice. The piece consists of a large, three-dimensional sculpture made of metal and coated with white paint. It is composed of several curved, abstract forms that appear to be in motion, creating an illusion of light and movement. The sculpture is illuminated by a single light source, which casts a warm, orange-red glow across the entire piece. The resulting effect is an ethereal, almost magical, feeling that is both captivating and mesmerizing. It is a testament to Mack's artistic genius, and a reminder of how his work helped to define the avant-garde movement of the 1960s and beyond.
Ohne Titel (Chromatische Konstellation)

Ohne Titel (Chromatische Konstellation)(2017)

Heinz Mack's artwork, Ohne Titel (Chromatische Konstellation) (2017), is an example of his iconic light installation. The piece consists of a series of colorful, geometric shapes that appear to move and shift in the light, creating a mesmerizing optical effect. This work is a testament to Mack's mastery of optical art, and his ability to create illusions of movement and color using simple geometric shapes. The piece is a stunning example of Mack's artistic vision and his commitment to pushing boundaries in art.
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