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About Frank Stella

NameFrank Stella (Frank Philip Stella)
Birth LocationMalden, MA (US)
MovementAbstract Expressionism, Geometric Abstraction, Color Field painting, Hard Edge
MediaPainting, Abstract art

Frank Stella's Biography

Frank Stella is an American artist, born May 12, 1936 in Malden, Massachusetts. He studied history and art history at Princeton University and graduated in 1958. He is best known for his pioneering work in the fields of abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, color field painting and hard edge painting. Stella's works are often characterized by the use of stripes, grids and other geometric forms, as well as a highly influential use of color. He has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout the world, and his work is held in numerous public and private collections. He is also a recipient of numerous awards, including a National Medal of Arts and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Frank Stella's Art

River of Ponds IV

River of Ponds IV(1971)

Frank Stella's River of Ponds IV (1971) is a vibrant and captivating screenprint in colors on Arjomari paper. It features an array of geometric shapes and bold colors that come together to create a mesmerizing composition. The piece is signed by the artist in pencil, dated and numbered, adding to its uniqueness. The work is 96.5 x 96.5 cm, making it the perfect size for any space. It embodies Stella's signature style of abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, color field painting and hard edge painting, making it an iconic piece of the artist's oeuvre.


"Fishkill" is an abstract painting by Frank Stella, created in 1995. The work is composed of a vibrant array of colors, including yellow, orange, blue, and green, arranged in geometric shapes and patterns. The painting is reminiscent of Stella's hard edge painting and geometric abstraction, utilizing bold lines and shapes to create a dynamic composition. The use of color is particularly striking, with the vivid hues creating a visually arresting piece that is both dynamic and eye-catching. Fishkill is an excellent example of Stella's exploration of abstract expressionism and demonstrates his ability to create captivating works of art.
Puffed Star II

Puffed Star II(2014)

Frank Stella's Puffed Star II (2014) is a bold and vibrant work that exemplifies the artist's characteristic use of geometric forms and intense colors. Comprised of a large, central star-like shape in a deep red hue, the painting is composed of five other small stars that are layered around the perimeter of the main star. These stars are filled with shades of yellow, blue, green, and orange, creating an eye-catching contrast to the main star. The work's dynamic composition, as well as its strong visual impact, make it a perfect example of Stella's pioneering works in abstract expressionism.


Frank Stella's artwork Creutzwald (1992) is a vibrant and captivating work of abstract expressionism. The canvas is composed of a striking combination of vivid colors and geometric shapes that create a mesmerizing pattern. The bright blues, reds, and yellows of the painting are contrasted with the darker hues of the background, creating a dynamic composition that is both eye-catching and mesmerizing. The painting has a sense of movement and energy, which is further amplified by the sharp edges and lines of the geometric shapes. Stella's use of color, line, and shape is masterful, and Creutzwald (1992) is a stunning example of his abstract expressionist style.


Frank Stella's K.150 (2014) is a captivating abstract painting that uses bold geometric shapes and bright colors to create a dynamic composition. The piece features a vibrant array of blue, yellow, white, and black shapes, arranged in a seemingly random but ultimately purposeful composition. The work draws the viewer in with its bold use of color, while the intricate patterns and shapes intrigue the eye. Stella's use of hard-edge painting techniques gives the piece a distinct and dynamic look, creating an engaging and visually stimulating work of art.
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