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NameFelix Droese ()
Birth LocationSingen/ Hohenwil (DE)

Felix Droese's Biography

Felix Droese is a German contemporary artist and painter born in 1950. He is known for his abstract paintings and sculptures, often featuring organic shapes and the use of bright, vibrant colors. Droese’s work is highly praised for its use of vivid colors, strong geometric shapes, and its ability to evoke emotion. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and he has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Droese’s work has been featured in numerous books and catalogs and he has been the subject of many articles and reviews. He currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Felix Droese's Art

Zwarte tulpen te koop

Zwarte tulpen te koop(1987)

Felix Droese's painting Zwarte tulpen te koop (1987) is a vibrant work of abstract expressionism. The composition is composed of bold geometric shapes in bright colors that evoke a feeling of movement and energy. The bold colors of blue, yellow, and red blend together to create an eye-catching piece that stands out amongst other works. With its use of vivid colors and strong geometric shapes, Zwarte tulpen te koop is an impressive example of Felix Droese's work and an excellent addition to any collection.
Radierung aus der Edition "365 Tage am Ort"

Radierung aus der Edition "365 Tage am Ort"(1997)

Felix Droese's Radierung aus der Edition "365 Tage am Ort" is a stunning print from 1997. Featuring bright colors, organic shapes, and geometric patterns, the artwork displays Droese's signature style. The print is filled with a vibrant energy, drawing viewers into its surreal and captivating world. The piece showcases Droese's unique talent for creating emotional and powerful imagery and is a testament to his skill as an artist. Radierung aus der Edition "365 Tage am Ort" is a beautiful example of Droese's work and a must-see for those who appreciate contemporary art.


Felix Droese's artwork entitled Caput (1996) is a vibrant and captivating abstract painting. The colors used in the painting are a striking combination of bright blue and magenta, with hints of yellow and white. The painting consists of bold geometric shapes, suggesting the outline of a head or a figure. The painting is full of movement and energy, as the colors and shapes interact in a mesmerizing pattern. The painting has an ethereal quality, giving it a dreamlike feeling. It is a beautiful and powerful piece of artwork that reflects Droese's unique and distinctive style.
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