Eugenio Ampudia



About Eugenio Ampudia

NameEugenio Ampudia ()
Birth LocationMelgar, Valladolid (ES)
MediaTime-Based Media, Performance/Happening

Eugenio Ampudia's Biography

Eugenio Ampudia is a Spanish conceptual artist and performance artist born in 1958. His work often deals with themes of mortality, memory and identity. His works often use a combination of performance, video, and installation art to create a powerful visual experience. He has exhibited his works at a variety of galleries and museums throughout Europe, including the Reina Sofia and the Prado in Madrid, Spain. In addition to his visual art, he has also written several books and articles on contemporary art theory. Ampudia is a recognized figure in the Spanish art world and has been honored with numerous awards, including the National Prize for Plastic Arts in 2009.
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