Etel Adnan



About Etel Adnan

NameEtel Adnan ()
Birth LocationBeirut (LB)

Etel Adnan's Biography

Etel Adnan is a Lebanese-American artist and writer born in 1925 in Beirut. She is known for her vibrant paintings and poetic writings that explore the complexity of identity, memory, and displacement. Adnan's work is rooted in her experience of the upheaval of the Second World War as well as her exile from her homeland due to the Lebanese Civil War. Adnan's paintings often feature bright colors, sharp angles, and calligraphic lines, reflecting the influence of both Islamic art and Abstract Expressionism. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums around the world, and her writings have been published in multiple languages. Adnan has also written and translated several novels, plays, and essays, and was awarded the prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize in 2016.
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