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NameDove Allouche ()
MediaWorks on Paper

Dove Allouche's Biography

Dove Allouche is a contemporary French artist born in 1972. He works on paper, creating works that explore the boundaries between reality and fantasy. His work often involves the use of bright colors and the inclusion of both representational and abstract elements in his art. He has exhibited his work in France and abroad, including “Le Promontoir du songe” at FRAC Auvergne in 2022 and “Le Silo 6: Oeuvres de la collection Françoise et Jean-Philippe Billarant” at Le Silo à Grains in 2022. Allouche's work explores themes of transformation, subjectivity, and the power of the imagination. He is known for his vibrant and expressive works on paper, which often include both representational and abstract elements.
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