Dewar & Gicquel



About Dewar & Gicquel

NameDewar & Gicquel (Grégory Gicquel & Daniel Dewar, Dewar et Gicquel, Dewar and Gicquel)
Birth LocationDaniel Dewar *1976, Forest Dean (UK), Gregory Gicquel *1975, St Brieuc (FR)
MediaSculpture, Objects, Installation Art

Dewar & Gicquel's Biography

Dewar & Gicquel is an artistic duo composed of Grégory Gicquel and Daniel Dewar. The two artists have worked together since the late 1990s and their practice has been centered on sculpture, objects, and installation art. Their work has been exhibited in prestigious international institutions, such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Tate Modern in London. Dewar & Gicquel's works often take the form of sculptural tableaux, made up of everyday objects that are arranged in unexpected and humorous ways. The objects are often taken from familiar contexts, such as office supplies and domestic items, and then reassembled to create unexpected associations. Their works often blur the boundaries between sculpture, painting, and architecture, and create new relationships between art, space, and the viewer. The duo's work has been included in numerous exhibitions, including their solo show Nunc Est Bibendum, which was held at Eleven Steens in Saint-Gilles, Belgium in 2022.
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