Danh Vo



About Danh Vo

NameDanh Vo (Dahn Vo, Danh VŌ, Danh Vō, 傅丹, DanhVō, DanhVo)
Birth LocationSaigon (VN)
MediaPhotography, Objects, Installation Art

Danh Vo's Biography

Danh Vo is a Vietnamese-born, Danish artist whose work straddles the boundaries between photography, objects, and installation art. Born in 1975, Vo's work often investigates notions of identity, displacement, and power relations in the form of large-scale installations and sculptural works. His works often draw on personal anecdotes and cultural history, often questioning the way in which history is written and preserved. Vo has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, including at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. He was awarded the Hugo Boss Prize in 2013 and the Farrebique Prize in 2018.
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