Cyprien Gaillard



About Cyprien Gaillard

NameCyprien Gaillard (Cyprian Gaillard)
Birth LocationParis (FR)
MediaPainting, Photography, Works on Paper, Time-Based Media

Cyprien Gaillard's Biography

Cyprien Gaillard is a French artist, born in 1980. He is primarily known for his time-based media and works on paper, as well as painting and photography. Gaillard's work often deals with the tension between the urban and the natural, exploring the impact of our presence in the world. His pieces often focus on the physical, visual and political aspects of urban life, engaging with the consequences of gentrification and the notion of a shared space. Gaillard's work has been exhibited in numerous international venues, such as the Centre Pompidou-Metz and the Palais de Tokyo.
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