Cornelia Schleime



About Cornelia Schleime

NameCornelia Schleime ()
Birth LocationBerlin, BE (DE)
MediaPainting, Drawings, Objects, Performance/Happening

Cornelia Schleime's Biography

Cornelia Schleime is a German artist born in 1953. She is a contemporary artist known for her use of painting, drawing, objects, and performance/happening. Her works often explore the boundaries between reality and fantasy, as well as the human experience of both. She has exhibited in many locations all over Germany and has received numerous awards for her work. Her pieces often contain elements of nature, such as flowers and animals, combined with abstract and surrealist elements. She often uses her own body in her performances, making her art both personal and powerful. Her works explore themes of identity, gender, and power, and often challenge the existing social norms.
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