Cécile B. Evans



About Cécile B. Evans

NameCécile B. Evans ()
Birth LocationFlorida (US)

Cécile B. Evans's Biography

Cécile B. Evans is an American artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. She was born in 1983, and is known for her exploration of extreme emotional states, asking questions about how technology and automation are impacting our lives. She works with a variety of mediums, including film, sculpture, installation and performance. Her works often take the form of sculptural installations, video installations, interactive works, and immersive environments. Her films explore themes of alienation, identity, and the relationship between humans and technology. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and festivals around the world, including the Whitney Biennial, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Berlinale. She has also participated in residencies at the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany and the Watermill Center in New York.
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