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NameCarl Andre (Carl Andre, 卡尔 安德烈)
Birth LocationQuincy, MA (US)

Carl Andre's Biography

Carl Andre is an American minimalist sculptor who is known for his minimalist sculpture installations, often consisting of grids of ordinary materials such as bricks and metal plates. Andre has been an important figure in the development of minimalism, a form of art that is characterized by its simplicity and economy of means and materials. He has been awarded various prestigious awards, such as the Edward MacDowell Medal in 1994 and the National Medal of Arts in 2013. Andre was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1935, and is still living. He studied at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and then at Dartmouth College before joining the U.S. Army. After his military service, he worked in a steel mill and studied painting at the Art Institute of Chicago. In the early 1960s, Andre began to focus on sculpture, and his work soon gained recognition in New York City. He has since exhibited his work in numerous international venues, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Gallery in London.

Carl Andre's Art

Glarus 49 Aluminum Cubes (7x7)

Glarus 49 Aluminum Cubes (7x7)(2007)

Carl Andre's Glarus 49 Aluminum Cubes (7x7) (2007) is a captivating work of minimalist sculpture. The piece consists of forty-nine aluminum cubes arranged in a seven by seven grid. Each of the cubes has been meticulously crafted and placed with precision, giving the piece a sense of order and balance. The effect of the cubes is one of visual harmony, with the metallic sheen of the aluminum contrasting with the surrounding space. The minimalism of the piece speaks to Andre's long-standing interest in economy of means and materials. At the same time, the work invites the viewer to contemplate the relationship between the individual cubes and the whole, a relationship that has become a hallmark of Andre's work. Glarus 49 Aluminum Cubes (7x7) is a powerful demonstration of Andre's mastery of minimalist sculpture.


Rackblox (1998) by Carl Andre is a minimalist sculpture installation consisting of a grid of steel plates arranged in a rectangular shape. The plates are painted in a variety of colors, ranging from blues and greens to yellows and reds, creating an eye-catching visual effect. The arrangement of the plates creates an intricate and dynamic pattern, making the sculpture a unique and captivating work of art. Through this artwork, Andre conveys his minimalist aesthetic and celebrates the power of simple forms and materials. His use of color, line, and texture adds a vibrancy and energy to the work, while his careful arrangement of the plates conveys his mastery of design and composition. Rackblox is a testament to Andre's talent as a sculptor and his commitment to minimalism.
Seven Cedar Slope 45º

Seven Cedar Slope 45º(1990)

Seven Cedar Slope 45º (1990) is a minimalist sculpture installation by American artist Carl Andre. The artwork consists of seven rows of cedar boards arranged in a 45-degree angle, creating a sloping surface. The installation is designed to be viewed from multiple angles, creating a sense of depth and dynamism. The use of cedar, a material commonly associated with carpentry and construction, adds a sense of warmth and familiarity to the work. Seven Cedar Slope 45º is a testament to Andre's mastery of minimalism, displaying the artist's ability to create a visually striking artwork out of simple materials. By combining the natural beauty of cedar with the mathematical precision of the 45-degree angle, Andre has created a unique and captivating sculptural installation.


Carl Andre's Lockblox (1998) is a minimalist sculpture installation comprised of a single grid of industrial materials, such as bricks and metal plates. The sculpture is a simple, yet effective composition, using the repetition of basic materials to create a unified whole. The structure stands as a tribute to Andre's skill as a sculptor, as the design creates an impressive visual effect without the need for any flashy or elaborate materials. Lockblox serves as an example of Andre's ability to create striking, simple art with very few materials, and it is a testament to his commitment to minimalism.
144 Graphite Silence

144 Graphite Silence(2005)

Carl Andre's artwork 144 Graphite Silence (2005) is a minimalist sculpture installation consisting of 144 graphite plates arranged in a grid. The plates are arranged in a cube and are placed on the floor, creating a three-dimensional structure. The piece is simple in design and composition, yet it creates a powerful and mesmerizing effect. The graphite plates create a subtle and ethereal atmosphere, inviting the viewer to contemplate the beauty of the simple yet profound arrangement. Andre's artwork is a testament to minimalism and its power to create a profound and contemplative experience.
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