Bruce Nauman



About Bruce Nauman

NameBruce Nauman (Bruce Naumann, Bruce Neumann)
Birth LocationFort Wayne, IN (US)
MovementConceptual Art, Process Art, Postminimalism
MediaPhotography, Video installation, Sculpture

Bruce Nauman's Biography

Bruce Nauman is an American artist who was born in 1941 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is now based in New Mexico. He is a major figure in the post-war era, working in a variety of media, including photography, video installation, and sculpture. He is known for his conceptually charged works, often involving themes of identity, death, and mortality. He has exhibited extensively in the US and Europe, and his works are held in numerous public and private collections. Nauman is known for his experimental approach and his ability to challenge and disrupt traditional notions of art and culture. His works explore the boundaries between the body, technology, and language, and often experiment with audience participation. He has received numerous awards and honors, including the National Medal of Arts, the Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture and the Wolf Prize in Arts.
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