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About Bernd Zimmer

NameBernd Zimmer ()
Birth LocationPlanegg bei München (DE)
MovementJunge Wilde/Neue Wilde

Bernd Zimmer's Biography

Bernd Zimmer is a German contemporary artist known for his bold, expressive painting style and his contributions to the Junge Wilde and Neue Wilde movements. He was born in 1948 in Germany and has been painting since the 1970s. Zimmer's works often feature abstract shapes, colors, and textures, creating an emotional and expressive atmosphere. He has held numerous exhibitions in Germany, including a major retrospective at the Galerie Fetzer in Sontheim an der Brenz in 2022. His works are held in private and public collections throughout Europe.

Bernd Zimmer's Art

Wolkenauflösung (Himmelbilder)

Wolkenauflösung (Himmelbilder)(1989)

Bernd Zimmer's painting, Wolkenauflösung (Himmelbilder) (1989), is a vibrant and expressive work that captures the artist's signature style. The painting consists of abstract shapes and colors, creating an atmospheric and emotive atmosphere. The painting features a blue sky above a landscape of rolling hills and fields, with clouds forming a delicate and intricate pattern across the sky. The sky is full of bright and vivid colors, creating a feeling of energy and movement. The painting is a beautiful example of Zimmer's commitment to the Junge Wilde and Neue Wilde movements, and serves as a testament to his skill as a painter.
Vorstadt. Sonnenuntergang

Vorstadt. Sonnenuntergang(1986)

Bernd Zimmer's painting, Vorstadt. Sonnenuntergang (1986), is a vibrant and expressive work of art that captures the beauty of a suburban sunset. The bold colors and abstract shapes are reminiscent of the Junge Wilde and Neue Wilde movements, which Zimmer is associated with. The painting has a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, with the warm colors of the sunset bringing life to the suburban landscape. Zimmer captures the beauty of the everyday in a way that is both captivating and emotionally charged. Vorstadt. Sonnenuntergang (1986) is an excellent example of Zimmer's expressive style and his ability to create an atmosphere of emotion and beauty.
Düne I

Düne I(2000)

Bernd Zimmer's artwork Düne I (2000) is an expressive, abstract painting that captures the artist's bold, expressive style. It features a vibrant array of colors and textures, creating an emotive atmosphere. The painting is composed of a variety of abstract shapes, including circles and rectangles, that create a sense of movement, as if the painting is a snapshot of a moment in time. The composition is bold and vibrant, a signature of Zimmer's work, and invites viewers to explore the painting and its many textures.
Kristallwelt. Wasserlauf

Kristallwelt. Wasserlauf(2017)

Bernd Zimmer's Kristallwelt. Wasserlauf (2017) is a captivating painting that is a testament to the artist's bold expressionist style. The painting is composed of an abstract array of shapes, colors and textures that evoke a dream-like atmosphere. At the center of the piece is a winding stream of blue and green that moves across the canvas like a river meandering through the landscape. The other elements of the painting are composed of a variety of shapes, ranging from circles and rectangles to more organic forms that appear to be in motion. The vibrant colors and energetic brushstrokes give the painting an intense energy, creating a visual feast that is both captivating and emotionally charged.
Pfad.Quelle II.

Pfad.Quelle II.(2017)

Bernd Zimmer's Pfad.Quelle II is an expressive abstract painting created in 2017. The work is composed of bold, energetic strokes of color and shapes, juxtaposed against a muted background. The bright colors and dynamic composition create a vibrant atmosphere, while the subtler elements add a sense of mystery. Zimmer's characteristic use of texture and line bring a dynamic energy to the composition, giving it a sense of movement and life. The artwork invites the viewer to explore its depths and to contemplate the interplay of color and form. Overall, it is an impressive and powerful example of Zimmer's signature style.
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