Arthur Jafa



About Arthur Jafa

NameArthur Jafa (Arthur Jafa Fielder)
Birth LocationTupelo, Mississippi (US)
MovementBlack artistic Renaissance
MediaTime-Based Media, Film, Video

Arthur Jafa's Biography

Arthur Jafa (born 1960) is an American filmmaker and director best known for his works that explore the African-American experience. He is considered a leader of the Black artistic renaissance and is renowned for his pioneering use of time-based media, film and video. Jafa's works have been featured in numerous exhibitions, including Unmasking Masculinity for the 21st Century (2022) at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts in Kalamazoo, MI, and Open Storage: 25 Years of Collecting (2022) at The Warehouse in Dallas, TX. He has also lectured extensively on the importance of understanding the African-American experience through the arts. His works have been highly praised for their ability to capture the complexity of African-American life and its history.
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