Angel Vergara



About Angel Vergara

NameAngel Vergara (Angel Vergara Santiago, Vergara)
Birth LocationMieres (ES)
MediaPainting, Time-Based Media

Angel Vergara's Biography

Angel Vergara is a Spanish contemporary artist born in 1958. He is known for his paintings, photography, and time-based media works. His works often explore themes of urban life and the experience of being an immigrant. He has participated in several exhibitions, including 'The History of Migration' in Madrid, 'Migration in the 21st Century' in Barcelona, and 'Migration and Memory' in Granada. He has been featured in numerous publications, such as ARCO Madrid, Artforum, and La Vanguardia. His work has been acquired by museums such as the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and the National Museum of Art in Barcelona. Vergara is currently based in Madrid.
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