Adrien Missika



About Adrien Missika

NameAdrien Missika ()
Birth LocationParis (FR)

Adrien Missika's Biography

Adrien Missika is a French artist born in 1981. He works primarily in sculpture and installation art, with a focus on exploring the intersection between architecture and technology. His work has been exhibited worldwide, including at the MEF in Turin, Italy, where he was featured in the 2022 exhibition Eclettica! In his sculptures and installations, Missika often combines found materials with digital media. He is particularly interested in the ways that technology can be used to mediate our understanding of space and time. For example, in his installation piece "Eternal Moment," Missika uses LED lighting and video projections to create an immersive, ever-changing environment. Missika also explores the relationship between nature and technology in his work. In his sculptural pieces, he often incorporates natural elements like wood, stones, and plants to create a sense of harmony and connection between the two. Missika's work has been featured in a number of international publications and exhibitions, and he is a member of the International Sculptors Association.
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