Wooden Box - Closed

Scott Bogdahn

“Art makes me happy today. Sometimes, I think about the bad stuff. Art makes me happy looking at it, looking at sculpture. My mother was into art. She used to build with clay, the pottery. She made doll house furniture. She mixed paint with water, puts it on a plate and she would paint with it. I used to paint on plates. I took pictures too. I’d like to do more with wood.”

Glass Side Table

Renee Camire

"I love paint. I'm making a flower. I like it the art. I feel happy. I like a paycheck. Oh yes, I am a good artist, that's right. Feel happy. I do art for two years. Look at magazines, get ideas. I do furniture - big furniture - I paint."

Maine Park

Donna Cluff

“I’ve been painting two years now. I’m proud of myself when I paint. I’m happy when I paint, I focus and concentrate. I’m painting boats and lighthouses right now. I’m good at it.”


Derek Leeman

“I love cartoons and enjoy drawing and creating characters. Art is fun... A paycheck is pretty awesome too!”


Michael Douglas

"I like drawing. When I'm in the studio it makes me feel happy…where I belong."

Brian MacDonald #1

Brian MacDonald

Bryan considers his art to be work and says, “I like my work.” Bryan creates his images using bold repetitive lines in artist markers. Bryan’s work often consists of cars, trucks and bear-like people with a variety of expression. His images have been transformed into stuffed fabric images, giving his art a whole new dimension.


Richard Moore

“An artist. I like to draw machines…icicles, power lines, ceiling tiles. Power lines, all over the place, filling the room with noise. I see them everywhere. My art makes me happy.”


Melissa Fogg

Melissa is inspired by repeated shapes, patterns and bright colors. Her favorite medium is paint. When asked why she makes art she says, “because art makes me happy.”


Kendra Sanborn

“I’ve been making art a really long time, since I was 11 years old. I find it interesting. I like painting with acrylics and using colored pencil, oil pastels, and charcoal. I love it. It makes me feel really good. It makes me feel like I’m in a different place. I like Vincent Van Gough because his artwork is like my artwork with logs of color and abstract. I like Frida Khalo because she transforms people into animals.”

Just a bit of Fall

Regina Whiteside

“Art makes me feel good when I don’t have anything else to do. I like looking at other people’s art because it helps me choose what I would like to do. I really like making cards with collage pieces. I like to figure out when it has just enough pieces on it. When the pizzazz is enough - I know it is finished!”


Joyce Worster

“My name is Joyce Ann Worster. I’ve been doing art for a time. I’m good. I focus and concentrate. I do art because I love to look and draw and paint. I like stoves. I keep my eye on the paper.”